When you look someone in the eye for the first time – you catch a glimpse of their life and the stories they have to tell. A fleeting moment which passes in seconds, but which makes a lasting impression. What stories do your eyes tell – and what impressions do they leave behind?

My whole life I have been physically drawn to people’s eyes. Eye contact is the first thing I seek out when I meet new people. It intrigues me so much to study people’s eyes. I can immediately get a sense of their personality and determine a connection with them. Their eyes do all the talking – and I do all the listening.

Going a bit deeper - how a person dresses up their eyes tells you so much more about who they are. That tiny little decision of what detail to add makes a huge difference and it shows more than you think. From a cheeky and bright colour, or a smokey and mysterious hue, or even a winged liner or a natural look – your personality and everything you are, reflects in your eyes.

Any makeup artist will tell you that your eyes are your most captivating feature of your face. And as much as Tyra Banks keeps telling her models to "smize", sometimes you need a little extra somethin’ somethin’ to make your eyes really stand out. We believe that something is longer, thicker and natural looking lashes. 

My name is Nica, I am an early thirties mommy of two and I am happily married for 7 years. I am the proud owner and director of LASHOUT. I have a great passion for people, health and beauty. I want to help people look, and feel beautiful, but in the most natural way possible. My outlook on beauty care is: Be natural. Be you.

LASHOUT is at the core of this belief for me – and I am so proud of this product and the groundbreaking results that it has already achieved. Not even talking about the confidence boost it has given to so many people already.

After many years of looking for the right solution to natural longer lashes we just found a better way – instead of finding it, we made it instead! We did our research and developed LASHOUT. We are proud of this baby – it is a 100% proudly South African lash serum, that provides amazing results (might we even dare say better than its contenders on the market) but at a price that you can afford.

Within as quick as four weeks you can already see results with this serum, some people even notice it quicker. Not only will you notice the difference – but other people will too. You can turn heads, flutter your lashes with confidence and smile all day. And wouldn’t you just love it if you can tell people that it is your very own lashes – and that you have volumised and grown them with the help of one tiny little bottle of LASHOUT serum?

It's time to open your eyes, grab life by the eyelash curlers and let everyone see into your heart.

It is time to embrace your natural beauty.

It’s time to make the change – and you can thank us later.


All the love,