Any makeup artist will tell you that your eyes are your most captivating feature. And as much as Tyra Banks keeps telling her models to "smize", sometimes you need a little extra somethin’ somethin’ to make them really stand out. We believe that something is longer, thicker and natural looking lashes. 

Hi, I'm Sarah, co-founder of LASHOUT. I'm a twenty-something-year old who has been obsessed with long lashes since I could hold a mascara brush or probably after reading about beauty trends in my first copy of Saltwater Girl (remember those?) or Seventeen magazine. 

I'm a fan of natural beauty, and I wasn't about to spend my month's rent on damaging eyelash extensions that might fall into my soup on a first date. So, I started sampling different lash serums, and was just about ready to write it off as a fad.... But then... I came across the real McCoy, the Mac Daddy, the Beyonce, the caramel peanut butter Sunday of lash serums. Within four weeks I was just about fluttering my eyelashes to everyone from to the lady at the Checkers till to the girl from High School who's been trying to get me to join her pyramid scheme for months.   

Naturally everyone wanted to know if they were really my own lashes, and I would feel invincible when I could tell them with certainty that my own body produced the eye accessories that I was sporting, with a little help from an amazing serum, of course. (I'm humble like that, credit where credit is due)

So why hasn't everyone started using this unnamed product? It's pretty simple: That stuff is seriously expensive. So myself and Ryno, my super supportive husband, lover of long lashes, and co-founder of LASHOUT, set out to create the best lash serums South Africa has ever seen at a price that you can actually afford. 

It's time to grab life by the eyelash curlers, and embrace your natural beauty. You can thank us later.