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  Forget about diamonds – we all know long lashes are a girl’s best friend. After many years of looking for the right solution to natural longer lashes we just found a better way – instead of finding it, we made it instead! We did our research and developed LASHOUT. We are proud of this baby – it is a 100% proudly South African eyelash serum, that provides amazing results (might we even dare say better than its contenders on the market) but at a price that you can afford. Within as quick as four weeks you can already see results with this serum, some people even notice it quicker. Not only will you notice the difference – but other...

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Eyelashes have the impressive ability to transform your face. Add a pair of eyelashes to Mickey Mouse and you’ll get Minnie Mouse. Add eyelashes to Bugs Bunny, and you’ll get Lola Bunny. Similarly, the only facial difference between Disney’s incarnation of Robin Hood and his female counterpart Maid Marian was, you guessed it, her fluttery black lashes — and there’s a multimillion-dollar industry built on the (bizarre) notion that when you add eyelashes to your car, you suddenly have a lady car. These were, by and large, things my brother knew when, at age 10, he decided to cut his own eyelashes. Long and sweeping enough to brush the lenses of his sunglasses and attract compliments from old ladies, his lashes...

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When Kylie Jenner launched her billion-dollar cosmetic brand, Kylie Cosmetics, five years ago, an essential item was missing: mascara. Rihanna's Fenty Beauty line, which she launched in 2017, didn't sell mascara when it first launched, but she recently added the beauty product to the line. Lady Gaga's beauty line also doesn't include mascara. Mascara, the long-standing staple of makeup, is becoming less relevant to today's beauty rituals. Mascara isn't dead, but yes, it's definitely taken a back seat, as people are moving towards lash extension. Lash extensions stay on much longer, but the process requires a technician to attach each extension on top of the natural lash. The cost is upward of R1500 and the upkeep is an investment too. They...

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I used to get eyelash extension to give me the length I wanted, but, honestly, they require a lot of upkeep and and I wasn't ready to be in a full-on committed beauty relationship like that rn. So, I tried eyelash serums. Do they actually work, you ask? Are they safe, you wonder? All questions I had, too. Here, I address all of those Q's and serve up 13 serums that really do work—aka help your lashes grow longer and stronger, giving you that fanned-out effect you (and everyone else) is after. Are eyelash serums safe? Check with your doctor on this one. Over-the-counter formulas claim to only aid in the overall health of your lash hairs, which can make them...

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