I used to get eyelash extension to give me the length I wanted, but, honestly, they require a lot of upkeep and and I wasn't ready to be in a full-on committed beauty relationship like that rn. So, I tried eyelash serums. Do they actually work, you ask? Are they safe, you wonder? All questions I had, too. Here, I address all of those Q's and serve up 13 serums that really do work—aka help your lashes grow longer and stronger, giving you that fanned-out effect you (and everyone else) is after.

Are eyelash serums safe?

Check with your doctor on this one. Over-the-counter formulas claim to only aid in the overall health of your lash hairs, which can make them more resistant to breakage and look fuller and healthier in return, but there's only one serum that's FDA-approved to encourage lash growth. That said, if you give one a try (over-the-counter or prescription) and your eye becomes itchy and/or red, stop using it and consult a physician—you only get one set of eyes, afterall (btw, if I sound like a mom, it's because I AM).


Do lash serums really work?

According to Courtney Buhler, founder and CEO of Sugarlash ProR, an eyelash serum can increase your lash growth in its growing phase and might even prolong the time until it naturally falls out. “Basically, [the formula] extends your lash’s life cycle, so it doesn’t shed as quickly as it would otherwise,” she says.

How long does it take to see results?

Even if you use the best of the best eyelash serum and apply it diligently every single day, you have to be patient, since you won’t see results immediately. Lash serums take time to show dramatic results, so get into the habit of applying one each morning,” Buhler says. And, depending on how your body reacts to the serum, your timeline will vary—some may see results after a month, and others might not notice a difference until month three or four (or if you’re using the wrong formula, never).