Natural Lashes vs. Lash Extensions

This is a hot topic that has been discussed numerous times over the past few years in the beauty industry. Each side has its own pros and cons. But at LASHOUT, we believe that there is no right or wrong. Why do we say that you might ask? Don’t get your lashes in a flutter – we’ll tell you!


There is a ‘notion’ that you have to choose between one or the other, natural or fake. Either you believe in, au natural lashes, or you like to enhance your eyes with lash extensions. If you have natural lashes you have to be on the “natural beauty” side of the line - and if you do have lash extensions you cross the line to the “cosmetic” side. Nothing in the middle, no grey. Just black or white.


Today we would like to bust that myth and topic wide open! There is no right or wrong here. It should not have to be a choice that binds or classifies you in one faction. In this case we are here to show you that you can have your bread, or maybe your lashes, buttered on both sides.



“No way, get out!”

“What the actual?”


That is the typical responses we get. And we would like to educate people on this matter.

So no, we don’t have to get out. And the actual truth is, that many people do not realise that LASHOUT eyelash growth serum is safe to use with lash extensions. Not all eyelash growth serums are safe to use – but ours definitely is. 


  • LASHOUT is a nourishing eyelash serum that is specifically formulated to help eyelash growth by stimulating the eyelash from the root to the tip. It promotes fuller and healthier eyelashes – which means if your own lashes are long, strong and fuller it will support the lash extension so much better and it will last you so much longer before falling out.
  • This serum will revivify your lashes to be supple, ultimately resulting in full, strong and long lashes – which in turn means that it suffices as a perfect “conditioner” or aftercare treatment to maintain your lash extensions.
  • Our serum has been clinically proven and tested and will not debond the glue of your lash extensions since the ingredients list do not contain any parabens, hormones or toxins or harmful ingredients that would typically do that to the lash extension.
  • The serum is an easy one step application before you go to bed. You apply the serum on the upper lid of your eye, at the root of your lashes (or lash extensions) as you would with an eyeliner. Quick and painless and the serum does all the work while you sleep.
  • In the case where women have lost their eyelashes completely due to beauty treatments that did not turn out the way they should have – LASHOUT is the perfect remedy to give your lashes a breather and the needed TLC to grow it back again. Condition and treat it so that it can regrow, fill the gaps that were damaged and get a natural strong lash that will regain its length.
  • If your own natural lash is long and strong it will also give your lash extension the opportunity to go for that full and volumised look – because believe it or not, the amount of natural lashes you have, does have an influence on what the lash extension artist can do with your eyes.
  • If you prefer natural lashes – you can enhance them with the serum – by letting them grow and bloom to their full length, strength and glory. 


That’s the beauty of the situation. It doesn’t matter which side of the line you are – LASHOUT can help you get the long, luscious lashes you’ve always wanted – whether they are your own, or with some assistance from an extension. 


Our eyes literally are the focus right now. We celebrate LONG LASHES all around – so join us!